• 1630h
  • Arrival and Registration
  • 1700h
  • Opening Welcome
  • 1710h
  • Keynote: Infrastructure Transformation: How infrastructure is changing Financial Services
    This keynote presentation will explain some of the current areas of focus for financial service companies - what impact this has on their data centre estates and how the sector is tackling the transformation agenda.
    Louise Bunting, Director CIO Advisory, KPMG
  • 1735h
  • Datacentre Owners/Operators Roundtable
    Scale, speed to market and power availability: how datacentres need to adapt to meet increasingly diverse customer requirements from hyperscale to Edge
    Chair: Joao Lima, Editor in Chief, Data Economy
    Paul Finch, Interim CEO and COO, Kao Data
    Pete Jones, CDO, Yondr Group
    Daryl Seaton, CFO, VIRTUS Data Centres

    Where does colocation fit in the Hyperscale to Edge continuum?
    Do Hyperscale datacentres represent a threat of any kind to colocation services?
    How does the panel consider the outlook for the colocation sector over the next 12 months?
  • 1815h
  • Investment Panel
    The data centre sector has seen increased investment and continuing M&A activity. How are investors approaching the sector as it moves into the next phase of its maturity?
    Chair: Mark Chester, Partner, Eversheds Sutherland
    Matt Harris, Managing Director, Goldacre
    Dmitriy Antropov, Senior Vice President, Partners Group
    Brad Bauman, Partner, Alpha Real Capital
    Giovanni Della Pesca, Senior Vice President, Macquarie Capital
    Stephen Scott, Managing Director, Greensill

    Does the market need more long term investors?
    What is the attitude to risk, and how can investors protect themselves from downside conditions?
    How does the panel consider the outlook for the sector over the next 12 months?
  • 1855h
  • Close of Forum
  • 1900h
  • Reception