• 0800h
  • Registration opens
  • 0845h
  • Inspirational Opening
  • 0845h
  • Inspirational Opening
  • 0900h
  • Data Economy Leaders Debate
    Leaders of data centre, cloud and Edge businesses address key issues for future growth, change and development. The panel will discuss investment performance, growth and focus of future investment; managing business and change with multicloud and the emerging Edge and the impact on data centres, service revenues and competition.
    Chair: João Marques Lima, Founder & Chief Editor, Data Economy
  • 0945h
  • Global Markets – Setting the Stage
    As M&A deals, investments and project developments continuously expand globally, what are the prime trends that can be identified in spend, expansion and growth in IT infrastructure market segments. Which are more profitable now, and the future?
  • 1015h
  • Investment Strategies for Data Centres
    What are the opportunities, challenges and future valuations of data centre companies?
    Discussion of the opportunities and challenges for investment in data centres
    Developer View: How developers approach investment costs in constructing data centres?
    Investor Perspective: Why has sentiment changed towards the sector?
    Property View: Is the model changing for data centres? What of REITs? What are the constraints?
  • 1040h
  • Data Centre Operator Response: Will Demand Be Sustained?
  • 1100h
  • Morning Networking Break
  • 1130h
  • Funding Data Centre Businesses
    What types of finance are available in the short-medium term?
    What options for financing are data centre owners currently selecting – debt, mezzanine, bond markets, private equity, private finance?
  • 1200h
  • Risk and Due Diligence
    Analysts discuss observations on risk, approach to due diligence, pitfalls and outcomes
  • 1230h
  • Keynote
  • 1300h
  • Networking Lunch
  • 1410h
  • Location Keynote
    Investment agencies worldwide are seeking to attract datacentre investment.
    Are customers becoming location insensitive in the search for power cost reductions?
  • 1430h
  • Exploring Emerging Data Centre Markets – Growth Potential and Investor Appetite
    What are the principle factors driving current investment in emerging markets?
    - India
    - Africa
    - Indonesia
    - Brazil
  • 1545h
  • Afternoon Networking Break
  • 1615h
  • China Panel
  • 1645h
  • Nordic Panel
  • 1715h
  • Investment Disruption Amid the Next Wave Of Technology
    Investment opportunities are emerging almost daily across a raft of technologies and the new service players they generate.
  • 1745h
  • Close of Data Economy Finvest Summit 2020
  • 1800h
  • Finvest Awards Reception