Hanko Data Parks

Hanko Data Parks

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Hanko Data Parks is a Multisite Data Park located in the southernmost part of Finland. Our greenfield locations are zoned for Data Center and High-Performance Computing. All sites are ready to build and located within a distance of 8-25 km, which enables diverse Data Center-solutions.  Our locations offer all of the benefits that we enjoy here in the Nordics.

What really sets us apart is the outstanding global connectivity. Several submariner cables connected to European hubs land at our locations, enabling a reach of 850 million customers within 50 milliseconds.

Hanko Data Park is a consortium of two local cities, the local power- and fiber-operator company. This enables a strong support from the local government and everything you need can be handled through us directly.

Our vision is to develop Hanko as a strategic hub for connectivity between Asia, Russia, Scandinavia and Europe and we are certain that you can connect your data here as well

More information at www.hankodataparks.fi